SCERIN (The South, Central and East European Regional Information Network) is one of the regional networks of the Global Observation of Forest and Land Cover Dynamics (GOFC-GOLD) panel of the Global Terrestrial Observing System program for observations, modeling, and analysis to support sustainable development. SCERIN is an informal network of scientists and other professionals based in the region or with scientific interests in the SCERIN area. The SCERIN geographic domain encompasses Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe, the Danube watershed and western Black Sea coast. SCERIN contributes to GOFC-GOLD and had strong linkages with the Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI), as well as the North Eurasia's Future Initiative (NEFI) under the auspices of Future Earth. which are programs of internationally supported Earth System Science research.

SCERIN-10 Workshop

Topic: Recent terrestrial ecosystems LCLU changes and driving forces - challenges for RS and sustainable management

Dates: 26th - 29th June 2023, Brno, Czech Republic

Hosted by CzechGlobe - Global Change Research Institute CAS

Venue location: Institute of Archeology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Čechyňská 19, Brno, Czech Republic

Focus: The SCERIN-10 workshop will focus on the recent terrestrial ecosystem and LCLU changes in SCERIN domain, with the goal to identify their driving forces and consider our ability via remote sensing to monitor their dynamics and address the associated challenges.

  1. to inform about ongoing major scientific efforts and projects with possible contribution and follow-up activities of the SCERIN participants;
  2. facilitate progress of the ongoing activities of the SCERIN focus groups;
  3. review and advance further the network goals, structure (FGs - *see proposed change below) and long-term plans; and
  4. foster new ideas for joint activities (new interactive maps and applications) and papers by participants.

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SCERIN-10 meeting agenda

Scerin agenda (PDF document)

Presentations from the meeting

26th June 2023 - Day 1 morning

Jiří Kolman - Czech Globe
Garik Gutman - The NASA LCLUC Update to SCERIN
Petya Campbell - SCERIN overview and status update
Lucie Homolová - Remote sensing department of CzechGlobe
Petr Boháček - TRLSPACE
Martin Trtílek - Calibration and validation of hyperspectral imagery using a field phenotyping measurement
Otakar Kuchař - Stratosyst
Ioannis Manakos - WQeMS
John S. Iiames - A vulnerability assessment of wildland fire impacts to public drinking water in the western and southeastern United States

26th June 2023 - Day 1 afternoon

Milan Fischer - Disentangling the runoff decline in the Thaya River basin using in situ and Earth observations
Markéta Poděbradská - Monitoring and predicting wildfires in Czechia
Petr Lukeš - Agricultural monitoring
Jan Krejza - Real-time biomonitoring of forest ecosystems
Julia Leventon - Planning Land Use Strategies: Meeting biodiversity, climate and social objectives in a Changing world (PLUS Change)
Lucie Kupková - Assessment of the impact of land cover changes on local hydrology and climate in the Krkonoše Mts. National Park using remote sensing and hydrological modelling

27th June - Day 2 morning

Day 2 FG suggestion
Milica Vujovic - Challenges and Opportunities for Urban Ecosystem Design
František Zemek - Urban greenery – an important component of citizens well-being
O. Brovkina - Urban land cover mapping in coastal zone of Kaniv Reservoir
Sergii Skakun - The impact of war in Ukraine on crop areas
Erik Duncan - Artillery and Rocket Crater Detection with Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Eleftherios Katsikis - Water emergent and floating aquatic vegetation mapping using Earth Observation data

27th June - Day 2 afternoon

Sean Woznicki - Water Scarcity in the Serbian Danube
Ivan Pilaš - Floodplain forests mapping using earth observations and artificial intelligence
Rumiana Vatseva - From land to water
Lachezar Filchev - National forest disturbance type and severity monitoring in Bulgaria
Dávid D.Kovács - Cloud-free global maps of four essential vegetation traits retrieved with Gaussian Processes from S3-OLCI catalogue
L. Alagialoglou - Canopy height estimation from Sentinel-2 time series images using machine learning
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29th June - Day 4 morning

Olga Brovkina - Revisiting the structure of SCERIN
Petya Campbell - SCERIN Next Steps
Potential collaborative activity

29th June - Day 4 afternoon

SCERIN-11 Workshop on Earth Observation Systems

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