2017 © Lenka Sikorová

The field trip will focus on Old Drava project, which is the biggest scale landscape restoration project in Hungary, founded by the Hungarian government. The main project elements have big influence on land cover, land use of the Drava river floodplain (Ormánság), and include the following action fields:
  • integrated floodplain management
  • habitat revitalization
  • forest regeneration
  • water regime restoration
During the field trip 3 demonstration sites will be visited. The bus journey to the first stop (Old Drava Visitor Center) will take about 1 hours, where the stuff of the Danube Drava National Park will introduce the former floodplain management activities. After it the government office will highlight the Old Drava project and summarize the governmental objectives at Kémes.
Our last stop will be an NGO (For Ormánság Foundation), who deals with traditional land management at Drávafok.

The field trip on 22ond of June is organized by the hosts for the participants in SCERIN-5 and TAT.

The goal is to learn about the typical regional drivers/examples of Land Cover Change, provide time for informal discussions, and foster further the SCERIN network collaborations.