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The First Meeting, Trip and Training of SCERIN-1 in Prague, Czech Republic

17-21 June 2013

was hosted by Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Czech Republic.

Meeting agenda and Field Trip information

The event was composed of 2 activities:

 SCERIN-1 Meeting & Trip: 17-19 June 2013 entitled

"Monitoring Land Cover Changes & Forest Condition"

Meeting agenda and Field Trip information

 SCERIN Training 20-22 June 2013 for students

To ensure continuity and collaboration between the existing networks in the region, SCERIN-1 was planned in coordination with the regional meeting of International Geographical Union (IGU) LUCC workgroup meeting, which was held in Prague 20-22 June, 2013, see ADJOINING EVENTS.
The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Professional Congress Organizer,
the company GUARANT International (http://www.guarant.cz/en.html)
We are looking forvard to meeting you there!