2015 © Lenka SikorovŠ

The workshop was designed to facilitate the discussions and work of the SCERIN focus groups:

FG1: Forest monitoring: disturbances, health and biomass [Leads: Jana AlbrechtovŠ and Frantisek Zemek]

FG2: Land Cover Changes: agricultural land abandonment, urban expansion [Leads: Lucie KupkovŠ, Levent Genc]

FG3: Validation/verification network for support of current and future satellite NASA (HyspIRI, Landsat) and ESA missions (GMES, ESA and Romanian programs) [Leads: Anrej Halabuk, Mihai-Daniel Nita, Monika Tomashevska].

SCERIN-3 CBW at a Glance

Research topics of regional interest include: Forest dynamics and tree line evolution in pasture lands, based on Landsat and Sentinel archives; and Forest insects attacks detection and monitoring, of increasing importance in the context of climate change. In addition, SCERIN-3 will outline the forthcoming activities and participants, to be conducted by SCERIN within the following year.

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